Telescopic Covers

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Telescopic Covers. We are Repairer and provide AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Services, Repairing Work / Services for our products and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Telescopic covers are generally produced from cold-rolled uncoated thin plates in thicknesses from 1 to 3 mm.

Units are available for short and long term rentals as well.

Wherever guideways on machines have to be protected, we have a suitable solution. Our guideway protections systems boast a high degree of operational reliability, a long service life, and make use of innovative technical solutions in vertical & cross rail application.

GUJAR ENGIFAB INDIA PVT. LTD. Telescopic covers are sturdy, most durable & designed with easily replaceable highly anti wear polyurethane & synthetic rubber wipers, dampers, phospher bronze / engineering plastic guide shoes

Wiper Systems In Various Designs For Fast-running Telescopic Covers

Rollers / Sliders
Lifting Elements
Locking Systems
Synchronising Device ( Harnesses )

AMC of Protection Covers for keeping your machines always in good healthy running condition

In this day of just in time inventories and production unplanned machine failure and its downtime due to the failure of way covers can cause major losses from idle laborers, overtime, missed deadlines and promise dates and lost of sales and profit.

We offer periodic scheduled preventive maintenance Programme for your protection covers like telescopic covers, rollway covers, and apron covers. Bellow covers, may wipers, cable drag chains etc.

Our experienced technician will visit to your works as per schedule. During his visit he will open the cover, clean and lubricate the guide ways and cover he will inspect and replace perishable items like wipers, Guide shoes, rollers, and spring etc refit the cover on your equipment.


Machine tools come in a wide variety of designs. That is why a modern lathe needs another type of telescopic cover than, for example, a large bed-type milling machine.The following designs provide an overview of typical designs.

Telescopic Covers
Telescopic Covers